Camping in the Basque Country

Just a few kilometers from your Sud Landes campsite (near Bayonne) The Basque Country (or Euskal Herria, in Basque) is a land rich in culture, nature and history, stretching from south-western France to northern Spain in the Pyrénées-Atlantiques department.

As you walk around, you will discover a land full of life, between parties, surfing, trendy seaside resorts, gastronomy, traditions, Basque pelota and nature where the testimony of several centuries of history are mixed.

things to see things to doIn the Basque Country

Visit the Basque Coast

The Basque Country is characterized first of all by its landscapes, part of which faces the Atlantic Ocean. It has an attractive coastline for walkers and surfers alike. Renowned for its board sports and fine sandy beaches, the beaches of Anglet Hendaye and Biarritz the Basque coast attracts visitors not only for its renowned surf spots, but also for its breathtaking scenery of turquoise waters, cliffs and green hills.

Joining the Basque mountains

With its Cheese Route, its caves of Isturitz and Oxocelhaya, its little train of the Rhune and its prehistoric vestiges which come to add to superb panoramas, the Basque mountains do not miss either assets to please! This will give a lot of ideas to the hikers and as many possibilities of activities to do on the spot.

Discover the Basque heritage

With its “cities and countries of history”, its sites classified as world heritage by UNESCO, its “most beautiful villages of France” and its superb castles, the Basque country is also characterized by its rich architectural and historical heritage. Visitors will be spoilt for choice when discovering the Basque treasures: Espelette, Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port, Sare, Ainhoa, etc.

Taste the Basque specialties

Coming on vacation to the campsite in New Aquitaine near the Basque country is also the opportunity to count on the pleasures of the palate thanks to its various culinary specialties. From the famous piment d’Espelette (Espelette chilli pepper) that can be found on every market stall in the region, to the chilled sangria you can drink at the Halles de BayonneThe Basque Country’s unique identity is undoubtedly based on its gastronomy, which delights visitors’ taste buds.