With its beautiful coastline, forests and wide-ranging leisure activities, this seaside resort on the Basque coast provides visitors with a combination of nature and board sports, just 11 kilometres from your 4-star campsite near Bayonne.

Anglet beaches

Anglet is home to 4.5 km of beaches running alongside the town with access from the coastal path.
Just 20 minutes from the Lou P'tit Poun 4-star campsite, you can also get to know the legendary and romantic story of the "Chambre d'Amour". Two lovers, the daughter of a rich shepherd and a poor, young fisherman, fled family opposition and took shelter in a cave. But a sea storm carried off the two lovers. Today, the Chambre d’Amour cave can still be seen, along with Chambre d’Amour beach, which visitors can admire from the “Love Tower”, a 4-metre-high wooden structure.

Known as one of the top surfing spots on the Atlantic coast, Anglet is the ideal destination to tackle the waves on your surfboard. In all, there are no fewer than 11 surfing spots in Anglet, including the La Barre, the Cavaliers and the Dunes spots, all ideal for experienced surfers.
Surfing fans or casual visitors will have the chance to pass by the famous “Anglet Surf Avenue” alongside the beach. Inspired by the famous “Walk of Fame” in Los Angeles, here you can see the footprints of a dozen or so surfing stars.

The Pignada forest

Right at the heart of the town, the Pignada Forest is a great green space in Anglet with 220 hectares of pine forest. A chance to enjoy a stroll in a natural setting and access a wide range of facilities, including a fitness trail, a treetop adventure trail, Segway or bike rides, etc.

The Izadia ecological park

Fans of nature on a day out in Anglet during their stay at the Southern Landes campsite will have the chance to visit the Izadia ecological park covering 14 hectares.

La Barre skatepark

For board sports fans who are not at the beach, the La Barre skatepark gives access to a vast area of over 1500 m² dedicated to skateboarding, rollerskating and BMX biking. Children can even take skateboarding lessons here.

Basque art and crafts

Lastly, your trip to Anglet is also an opportunity to find out more about Basque arts and crafts with a visit to a top-hat workshop, a cutlery maker or a skilled metalworker.

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