Situated on the doorstep of Biarritz and the Lou P'tit Poun campsite ****, beside the Atlantic Ocean and just 30 minutes from Spain, Bayonne is a cultural capital with Basque and Gascon roots and is listed as a “Ville d'Art & d’Histoire” (City of Art and History).

The city boasts evidence of 2,000 years of history, its strategic position having made it a much-coveted site. Take a stroll around Vieux Bayonne (the Old Town) or walk on the ramparts built by Vauban and you’ll discover a lively and friendly city.

If its heritage and architectural riches were not enough, Bayonne also offers a wide selection of culinary specialities - ham, chocolate, cheese, cured meats and sangria - and a unique party spirit which has earned the city a global reputation.

Never seen Bayonne’s festivals or any of the events held in its bullring? Well, now’s your chance!