Campsite near Bayonne

At the edge of the Landes department and near the Lou P'tit Poun 4-star campsite, Bayonne is also at the confluence of the River Nive and the Adour. It is ideally situated close to the Atlantic Ocean, just a step or two away from Anglet and Biarritz.

The capital of the French Basque Country is recognisable in the colourful shutters on the buildings and its medieval atmosphere, making for a stay filled with surprises and a true delight for fans of architecture and good food.

Bayonne heritage

With its rich heritage, the town of Bayonne shares a Basque and Gascon ancestry, and is listed as a "Town of Art & History". Holidaymakers are guaranteed a wide range of cultural sites to enjoy. The town offers visitors testimony of 2000 years of history, arising from its strategic position, which helped to make it such a coveted prize.

Take a stroll through the medieval streets and Vauban's ramparts in the old town and explore a dynamic and welcoming town. Your walk will take you as far as the Bayonne Botanical Garden, covering an area of 3000 m², before you head for the Old Castle or the wonderful Cathedral of Saint Mary of Bayonne and the cloister just next to it. After crossing the River Nive, you can round off your walk through Bayonne with an exciting visit to the Basque and Bayonne History Museum and to St. Andrew's Church.

Bayonne specialities

Along with its cultural heritage and architectural riches, Bayonne is known for its gastronomic specialities (ham, chocolate, cheese, charcuterie and Sangria) and for a well developed festive spirit, as seen in the famous Fêtes de Bayonne, which have contributed to the town's fame and reputation.

Anyone who wants to know more about some of the Basque specialities should take the time to visit the Bayonne Ham Museum and the Atelier du Chocolat (Chocolate Museum).

Sightseeing and sport in Bayonne

Do you want to get off the beaten track during your stay at the campsite in Southern Landes near Bayonne? See Bayonne differently during a guided visit on a Segway or even in a dugout canoe! Visitors who would like to get to know the Basque traditions can head for the Petit Bayonne district and the famous Trinquet St André, where games of Basque pelota are played in a great atmosphere!

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