Basque country

The Basque Country (or Euskal Herria, in Basque), a land rich in culture and history, stretches from South West France into Northern Spain. The Basque Country’s most notable attribute is its scenery: facing the Atlantic, it is blessed with a stunning coastline renowned for watersports and its fine sandy beaches. It also has large expanses of dunes, which provide shelter from the wind, and lush green hills covered with different varieties of fruit trees.

And for pleasant walks or marvellous outings, you can’t beat the mountains and caves of the Basque Country. The charms of the Basque Country attract increasing numbers of holiday-makers each year. Nor should we overlook the pleasures of the palate. From the famous Espelette peppers, which you’ll find on all the region’s market stalls, to a glass of chilled sangria in Bayonne’s covered market, the Basque Country’s identity is inextricably linked to its gastronomy.

Just take a trip around and you’ll discover a vibrant land of festivals, trendy resorts (such as Biarritz) and nature, all set amidst the traces of several centuries of history.